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It's been a real treat to put the book together with so many talented local photographers contributing so many great photos of the Jersey Shore. As we turn our attention to the promotion and sale of the book, we want to be sure the Capture Jersey Shore user base can grab as many copies as possible while it's still on sale.

Real Jersey Shore Book

We have four important announcements about the Real Jersey Shore book!

First, there are only a few days left to buy the Real Jersey Shore book at the pre-sale discount, so buy your copies now !

Second, due to the number of amazing photos submitted, we upped the page count from 128 pages to 144 pages, and increased the trim size to 11.125 x 9.5 (in.).

Third, we just put the actual cover up on the purchase page. Check it out. What an amazing shot!

Finally, we are excited to announce a preview of the book! It's the first chance anyone has had to see any of the inside pages and we're sure you'll love the preview.

The pre-sale discount ends 11/16/11 so get your copies while it's $10 off! The Real Jersey Shore book is sure to be this holiday season's most unique gift, so scoop a few up for your friends and family as well. If you order two more more, shipping is free!

Click here to preview a few inside pages and buy the book now.

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published almost 7 years ago in Capture Jersey Shore News