Real Jersey Shore book

Real Jersey Shore book

The book

The best of the Jersey Shore wrapped in a hard-bound, fine-art Capture Book(TM). Flip through the pages and local pride will rise up in your heart and soul. Why? Because the good people of the Jersey Shore shaped the book with their votes. It's publishing like never before: publishing by vote!

128 pages

Why 128 pages? Because anything less wouldn't be enough to show off the great photos of the Jersey Shore submitted by Capture Jersey Shore photographers. These pages are acid-free, high-quality and thick, too, so the photos simply pop off the page!

200+ photos

That's right: 200+ photos of the Jersey Shore, hand-picked by your voting and our editors, and laid out beautifully by a team of book artists who've been doing book design for years!

How to enter:

Sorry, the submission phase for the Real Jersey Shore book has come and gone. Don't fret! There's still plenty to do and see here. Check out today's Photo of the Day, see if there are any open contests or browse some amazing photos within categories.


Here are the key dates for the Real Jersey Shore book Book:

September 5, 2011 is the last day for new photo submissions and voting to be considered for Real Jersey Shore book.

November 25, 2011 is when we expect the Real Jersey Shore book to be released.

Why wait? Hurry up and buy it now!